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Why we're fired up 🔥

You're locked out but you don't know it.

"Run along, now. Go put your money in an ETF." That's what the world tells the average retail investor. But for the ultra-wealthy, the equation completely flips: "Welcome to first class. Which hedge fund would you like?" This is not OK. We're here to change this.
Objective #1: Performance

Our aim is high returns, the old school way.

Like a classic hedge fund, our investment philosophy is to pick fundamentally excellent businesses (“stocks”) in a concentrated portfolio with a personalized hedge.
Objective #2: Education

You'll become a much smarter investor.

Think of us as your Chief Investment Officer. We explain everything in simple English, from quarterly earnings to stock deep dives. We report to you.
“Most people think diversification is a good thing. Surprisingly, what you actually need is concentration.”
Clay Gardner, CO-CEO & Chief Investment Officer

No lock-ups.

No secret fees.

No confusing jargon.

No performance fees.

Objective #3: Client Experience

We treat your capital like first class.

Personalized hedge
We hedge a portion of your capital depending on your risk tolerance. This is designed to protect your capital and reduce volatility during downturns.
Real-time additions & withdrawals
No lock-ups. You can add and withdraw money at any time.
World-class security
We encrypt all your data using 256-bit SSL encryption. All accounts are SIPC-insured up to $500,000.

What's your view on the market?

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2019 was a standout year. Our most aggressive portfolios returned +34% after fees. We don’t expect this to repeat in 2020. It was an abnormally good year for stocks broadly and the Titan Flagship composite specifically. Given the extent to which U.S. equity markets have run, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a correction soon, which could present buying opportunities. We don’t view valuations as overly aggressive by historical standards, but short-term positioning could change quickly. That said, the long game gets us excited because of the growing competitive advantages of the companies in the Titan Flagship composite. Titan clients own some of the world’s best businesses, many of which still trade at a steep discount to their long-term intrinsic value, in our view. See full disclosures.

Teach me something about investing.

Sure. Have you ever heard the old adage “in a gold rush, sell the shovels?” In other words, when people start chasing after the next hot thing, it's often wiser to supply the chase, rather than to join in on the chase itself. One of the biggest gold rushes amongst investors in 2019 was ride-sharing. Think: Uber's targeted $120B valuation, or Lyft's IPO. Don't get us wrong, there's gold at the end of this rainbow, but every gold rush needs a shovel. Uber pays Amazon for computing infrastructure, Visa / Mastercard for payment processing, and Facebook / Google for advertising. The shovels can sometimes be better businesses than the gold itself.

How much in assets do you manage?

We manage over $50M in assets for thousands of clients. We’d be excited to have you as well, but no pressure. You can try us for free, with no minimum.

What's your investment strategy?

There are many different ways to invest. Some suggest a diversified ETF, which is fine. Others engage in more complex strategies, like trading European bonds. We believe the most powerful approach to deliver high returns over the long run is actually the simplest approach: own concentrated stakes in high-quality companies that can compound capital at above-average rates. We do this with our Flagship offering. See more on our Strategy page.

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