Get 0% fees when you  refer friends.

Share Titan, Go Free

We're paying it forward to the Titan community.

When you join Titan and refer a friend, we’ll cut both your advisory fees by 0.25%. Refer another friend, same thing.

That's not all. When you fund multiple accounts (e.g., Individual, Retirement) by December 31st, we’ll apply your referral credits to all of them. Same goes to the people you’ve referred.

So by referring just a few friends, you can get both retirement and non-retirement assets managed for 0% advisory fees at Titan. Forever on our first financial product.

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Really, zero fees if I refer a few friends?

Yes, zero advisory fees.

How does it work?

For every friend you refer, you'll each get 0.25% off your annual fee. Your credits will apply as long as you both stay invested in Titan.

Fund multiple accounts (e.g., Individual, Retirement) by December 31st, 2019, and all of your referral credits will apply to all of your Titan accounts.

How can you do this?

Unlike other companies, we don't spend money on marketing to grow. We're spending it all on your investing experience (literally).

This is us paying it forward for your help in growing the Titan community.

This is a limited time offer.