Titan launches its Feed, a personalized stream of content for investors, to better connect millennials with the markets.

Today, Titan officially launched the Titan Feed, a new feature aimed at improving financial content discovery. Inspired by Instagram, Titan Feed is a personalized stream of videos, articles, and other content tailored to the stocks in the Titan portfolio. It functions like an inbox, allowing investors to watch, read, and share investing insights that matter for their money, all from the mobile app.

"With our new Feed, we aim to connect investors with their portfolios the way people connect with each other on Instagram or Twitter -- checking it whenever they want a status update on their money," said Clayton Gardner, co-founder of Titan. When clients open the Titan app or refresh their Feed, they'll see videos, market insights, deep dive reports, and other content that Titan deems most important. The company is also making a large portion of its content available free on the web, where they believe a trusted voice is increasingly important.

The announcement comes at a pivotal time when millions of millennials are deciding where to invest their savings. For "do-it-yourself" solutions like brokerages, many millennials feel overwhelmed and unprepared to make investment decisions themselves. For "set it and forget it" passive solutions like traditional robo-advisors, the experience feels detached and unengaging for digital natives who want to participate more actively. Managed vehicles like hedge funds and mutual funds have high minimums, high fees, and an archaic user experience which make them inaccessible to most millennials. Titan aims to fill that void.

"Our mission at Titan is to build the best managed investing experience in the world. It's not just about the investment vehicle, but also the relationship a person has with her money manager. The Feed is a major step forward in deepening that relationship," said Joe Percoco, co-founder of Titan.

Titan is thrilled to be in a position to help millions of millennials actively participate in financial markets in the same sophisticated vehicles as the ultra-wealthy, while building trusted relationships with them along the way. To get started with your own managed investment portfolio, visit www.titanvest.com or download the iOS or Android app today.


Disclosures: Titan Invest ("Titan") is an SEC-registered investment adviser offering personalized investment portfolios through a mobile application. Nothing in this release should be construed as investment advice.