“If you’re prepared to invest in a company, then you ought to be able to explain why, in language that a fifth grader could understand.”

Peter Lynch

Concentration in only
the best ideas.

In our opinion, the Titan portfolio's businesses have the highest chance of outperforming the broader stock market over time because they usually share the same characteristics:

  • Durable competitive advantages
  • Favorable growth prospects
  • High returns on capital
  • Strong leadership teams

We believe these types of businesses also have inherently lower risk of permanent capital loss. Or to put it simply, while there could be turbulence, the risk of the plane itself going down is unlikely.

Software-driven investment process.

We use software to automate the investment process by analyzing the 13-F filings of hedge funds each quarter. Of the ~3500+ hedge funds out there, we track ~5% of them. We believe these are the good guys: long-term oriented and rigorous in their research.

From there we determine this group’s top 20 stocks and invest you directly in these (the “Titan Portfolio”). As you would imagine, these hedge funds overlap significantly in their most favored stocks.

We like to think your portfolio is the “best of the best.”

Personalized downside protection.

During the Financial Crisis, many hedge funds outperformed the market because of their hedges.

Here at Titan, we hedge your personalized portfolio in market downturns by effectively “shorting” the S&P 500, or betting against it, based on your risk tolerance. This allows you to generate some profits to partially offset any losses you may have during tough market environments. While expensive for everyday investors to implement, we give it to you for free.

You deserve to be treated like a partner.

We believe you should grow as an investor with us and understand what's going on. We give real-time insights and deep-dives on the Titan portfolio businesses.

More on our philosophy

Largest companies owned by sector

  • Software

  • Consumer

  • Internet

  • Hardware

  • Telecom

  • Payments

  • Media

  • IT Services

  • Industrials


Stocks shown are the largest stocks by market cap in the industries to which Titan has exposure as of February 2018.

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Titan isn't for everyone.

For many investors, investing in a passive market ETF is a sound strategy. For others, we recognize that you aspire to compound your capital at high rates of return and participate actively in only selected companies.

If you find yourself in the latter camp, we think you're going to like Titan.